Methods Into Madness: The Unrestroom


Bachelor of Architecture Thesis Project

advised by Val Warke and Medina Lasansky


In built form and ambition the Metropolis has become larger than life so that it could contain Man’s fantasies. Modernity has created a fixation upon the cognitively complex, an anxiety to realize designs which ooze desires. The psychical architecture of cities has become an accomplice to the behavior of its subjects—a kaleidoscope of 21st century schizoids, savants, and further permutations of the metropolitan denizen—all voluntary subjects of urbanity. Their architectural fantasy?  To soar above the basic needs of man and build self-actualization. This thesis imparts cues and curiosities from societal seats of anxiety, our restrooms, to explore the potential of architecture’s abilities of entrainment, elevation, and extrication of the human condition.


                                                                                                                                        WATCH ME: INSIDE THE UNRESTROOM