Urbanity and Nursery

A 'Chapel of the Everday': Studio by Tom Phifer and Gabriel Smith 

Perched upon this forgotten city fragment is both a voyeuristic spectator and maternal guardian to its surroundings. Reconciling the tensions between adult and child worlds, the resolution must be soft, protective, and evocative of youthful serendipity. 

Taking cues from forts of yesteryear, the drapery, translucency, structure, and easiness become inherent in its form. It is deployed through simple means and yearns to embrace its surroundings. It cradles and isolates patrons. It longs to provide a comfort; the blissful ignorance, the sheltering happiness of innocence, the coo filtered indistinct whispers of city life in a delirious metropolis.

In its construction, it provides a brief veil of privacy within the greater urban context of Manhattan, while acknowledging neighboring sights, sounds, and sensations. 

Complete aloneness, blissful innocence, is impossible in a metropolis; but the message of comfort and meditation as a result of being a participant in the common collective, sharing in humanity, resonates with us in a time of secular religiousness, in an urban context, and in a modern context. 

In such a context, in a time of lost innocence,
perhaps the best thing we can hope for spiritually is to be together, alone.  



Nylon Mesh

Balsa Wood


Black Sand

Clear Corrugated Sheeting